New Week – Same Problem!

Service Unavailable

Seeme like even after a week, Advanced Access still can’t get their act together. With a new week starting, many are reporting that their sites are once again down and getting the above message.


What is your opinion of Advanced Access’ Compensation Offer

(From AA’s Special Message dated 5/25/07)

While we pondered what we could do to show our gratitude to our loyal clients we kept coming back to offering something that would last the entire duration of your time with Advanced Access. On behalf of our whole team, please accept these improvements to your services which have already been implemented in your Virtual Offices:

* Your available number of POP3 email boxes has increased from 5 per domain name to 10 per domain name. You will continue to have an unlimited amount of forwarding addresses available.
* The capacity of your POP3 email boxes has increased from 10 MB to 100 MB per email box.
* The space allotted for non-image files has increased from 10 MB to 100 MB per website. You will continue to have unlimited space for all image files. (Note – For our clients who have upgraded to our 50 MB or 100 MB paid service, your billing will be stopped for this product).

With Advanced Access sites being down for over 24 hours and then intermittent for the balance of the week, with many features not functioning properly, what is your opinion of their compensation offer? Would you recommend Advanced Access to other agents?