Advanced Access Gets a Gold Star Today!

When Advanced Access does something right, we also will report it here. Today, after requesting a credit for my IDX problems (previously posted), AA passed one along. Kudos, Jeremy in Customer Service 🙂 This is how you win back clients, when you recognize and acknowledge a problem along with doing the right thing when someone makes a request.


What’s Wrong With Advanced Access IDX ??

Numerous agents have posted that they are having problems with photos appearing on their listings. On their IDX system, which hasn’t been updated for 12 days now (last was on 10/12/07) the photos fail to display once the listing is selected. A photo does display in the thumbnail so it’s obvious that photos exist. Customer Service made a comment that they were splitting the system up in some manner to improve downloads but gave no details on when and if that will solve the problem. Maybe if all the clients effected were to ask for an October credit, they might get the darn thing fixed right. Or is it a problem with paying their bills?????

I urge anyone contemplating using Advanced Access website hosting to stay away and go elsewhere since they seem incapable of resolving their ongoing problems with their current employees.

Advanced Access IDX Down Again!

After making it through last weekend but then experiencing problems on Monday, Advanced Access once again fails to deliver their IDX on a weekend! Sites in Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, and other areas, just to name a few, are all effected. The best time to obtain new buyers is on weekends and Saturday evening especially when they are looking at homes to view on Sunday. Advanced Access continues to disappoint! This makes three out of the last four weekends that Advanced Access has experienced problems delivering on their promises!

Advanced Access P/O Blog Recommendations

There are those who prefer to hide behind a phony email address when posting, thus their email ends up in the Spam folder due to the system associating it with being spam (for example would appear as spam) Unfortunately, the moderator of the site does not get any notices when posts are viewed as spam and the system will automatically delete them after several days if not done prior. I was able to retrieve a few before this happened and they have been posted as comments. I just didn’t want the author of these comments to think that I was not willing to allow them. I would recommend that anyone posting to use a legitimate email address if you want to see your comments posted in the future.

Advanced Access IDX Down Again!

Well, we made it through the weekend only to be greeted with no IDX Monday morning. Others are reporting the same thing in the forum so it’s not just a local outage. When will they finally get their act together?

Stay tuned!

Advanced Access – Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

For the pat two weekends, sites have gone down, IDX has shut down, and no one at Advanced Access gets things resolved until Monday! Going into the third weekend since all this latest outage started happening, we can only keep our fingers crossed that our viewers will find our site and listings available not to mention the Google/Yahoo crawlers! If not, Customer Service leaves us little hope of seeing any issues corrected until Monday, based on their past history.

Stay Tuned!

Customer Service Responds At Advanced Access

After a few rough days at Advanced Access with many posts going unnoticed by Customer Service for hours and even days on the weekend, today there were three reps monitoring the forum more frequently. After a rash of posts from unhappy subscribers threatening to move their domains elsewhere, maybe CS has finally realized that they need to improve what it is they (don’t) do. I received an email from one agent who has been with Advanced Access for quite some time and has decided that it is finally time to move on due to all the problems Advanced Access is experiencing. This agent will soon be informing them that the account will not be renewed because of the sites down-time along with a lack of concern on the part of Advanced Access over resolving numerous problems.