Not A Good Day At Advanced Access!

Well folks, here we go again! Many Advanced Access sites are down again, starting in the AM and still down in the later part of the day. No answers posted in the forum from Support as to what the problem is but if this is a look into the new year, it’s not very encouraging! As your Moderator, my own site has been down since mid-morning and is still down as the sun is setting. Just another reason to stear clear of hosting your real estate website with this company!

Now instead of a Runtime error, the following appears:
You have reached an error. We are aware of the problem and are currently working on fixing it. Please return to home page.


My Horrible Experience With Advanced Access!

I am writing about the horrible experience I have had with Advanced Access in the hope that I can prevent someone else from ending up in a similar situation. I paid AA $4390 for their template website and Premium Marketing Service.

I was told at the time I signed up for my Premium Marketing Package that the metatags and keywords would be customized for each of my webpages. This has not been done. Instead, all of my webpages have the same metatags and keywords. So, for example, when you search in google for my website the same one page is the only thing that shows up as having been indexed.

I was also told at the time I signed up for my Premium Marketing Package that I would receive a monthly analysis of my website with personalized suggestions as to how I could add to, or alter, the content of my website to increase my search engine rankings. Despite this promise, the first time I received an e-mail from AA with specific suggestions on how to improve my search engine rankings was July 2007. These suggestions were only provided to me after I called AA to find out what was going on with the search-engine optimization of my website. During this call, I was also told that the person who had been assigned to optimize my website was no longer with AA and that I would have to be assigned a new representative. Had I not called AA, I don’t know when you would have figured out that no one was working on the search-engine optimization for my website.

I was told at the time I signed up for my Premium Marketing Package that I would have website statistics that would tell me how many unique visitors I was getting to my website and where they were coming from. Despite my request more than 2 months ago that my website stats be fixed, I do not have access to the stats for unique visitors to my website.

When I called to sign up for a website with AA, I was told that the new 4.0 version of their website template would be available the week after I called to sign up for a website. When I asked whether I should wait until the following week to sign-up, I was told I did not need to wait because all of the 3.0 websites would be converted to 4.0 at the same time. Ten months later, my website has yet to be converted to 4.0. I made 3 separate inquiries to find out when my website would be converted to the 4.0 template, but each time I was told that AA had no idea when the conversion was going to occur.

These are just some of the ways in which AA has failed to live up to the promises that were made to me when I signed up for the Premium Marketing Package. More than 10 months after I signed up for the Premium Marketing Package with AA, my website still has not been optimized. As the statistics for October show, I had 25 visitors to my website last month.

I sued AA in small claims court and obtained a judgment against them for all of the money I paid them to optimize my website. AA has appealed the Judge’s decision, failing to acknowledge any responsibility for their inability to optimize my website.

(Comment received by Moderator on December 4, 2007)