Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

That seems to be the most popular message lately for viewers looking at Advanced Access real estate sites. And to add insult to injury, Customer Support seems to be missing in action! Over the last few days when it comes to giving their clients any answers to the latest problems, CS seems unwilling to post any details. Sites barely load, working in the virtual office is a waste of time since pages never load, IDX is down, and the list goes on and on. We are not talking about just a simple outage that has been corrected, we are talking about several days of poor hosting with no solutions being brought forward from Customer Service. It’s no wonder that the e-Pro sponsors no longer recommend this company!


2 Responses

  1. Readers: If you too are an AA subscriber, I can commiserate with you.

    Many alternatives out there ~ pick 2 or more and never place your entire business into 1 basket again.

    A great place to start is at RealEstateWebmasters, see you there!

  2. Yep. AA showed you how to get penalized in Yahoo – so go to REW and learn all about how to get nuked in Google.

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