Why NOT To Buy an Advanced Access website!!

Here it is May 7th, and I had 226 broken links as a gift from the jerks at Advanced Access. Now, going on over 24 hours, they still have not resolved the issue…please DO NOT buy an Advanced Access website – please spare yourself the bleeding , pain, misery and humiliation from your clients.



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  1. 226 broken links ZOMG! Please tell me you didnt hand check 200+ links, you used a tool right?

    I took a look around your site http://www.jeffboyce.net
    Couldnt find any broken links, odd. Perhaps its not that website but another one?

    Bleeding, pain, misery and humiliation? Really now Jeff, man up. Take control, it is your site, if its broken fix it. Dont cry about it, makes you sound like Gene.


  2. LOL – I don’t mind being compared to! I only stuck it out with AA to finish using up the free credits that I rightfully earned, over nine months of them! During that time I tolerated all the downtime mainly because I had another site that was fast becoming my main workhorse, plus I had two others as backups complete with their own IDX system.

    By the time you and I looked at Jeff’s site, the issue had probably been resolved. I’m sure that Customer Support gave him their typical response: “We’ve looked at your site and nothing seems to be wrong with it. Could you send us some screenshots showing the issues you are referring to?” This is their way of ignoring the issue or ACKNOWLEDGING the ones that they knew were happening. They are famous for doing this. I can still monitor the forums under a different ID and see that nothing has changed, just the same issues day after day. They are still a company to avoid since improvements are rare and service reliability is still heading south!

  3. Odd,

    if you are an Advanced Access customer then you would understand his frustration. If you are happy with AA all I can tell you is that you are a complete friggin moron. The platform , customer service and I dare use the term marketing department are a complete and utter joke. I rank in Google and Yahoo highly however not due to their efforts but due to mine. I have been knocked out of Google twice due to 404 errors on my site, not just internal pages due to their crappy data feeds and server redundancy. He is not crying, he is venting. You are too stupid to know the difference!!!!!!!

  4. Dear ODD,

    Your stupid blog name says it all…

    Yes “duh”…you must work in customer service for Advanced Access because by the time you looked at my site, I had fixed most of those errors caused by the lousy Advanced Access server – which I had to use Xenu to diagnose. Who can “take control” of a lousy server which impedes my whole day fixing website server problems that I didn’t cause!

    I’m a Realtor, and should be able to rely on a professional website provider to keep my site up…but at Advanced Access, that’s a complete joke! Why rip on me to “man up” when my website provider cost me over 3 hours in repairs yesterday alone…you are ODD!

  5. It sucks that AA can never get its act together and clients are still expereinces problems that I did over a year ago. AA should put more time into development and less time into other stuff, after all they are a website hosting co.

  6. I received a call from a fellow Realtor Sunday who was so disgruntled with Advanced Access Customer Support that he was also finally ready to move his site elsewhere. He was experiencing some major problems with his site over the weekend and finally gave up waiting on hold for customer support. Having my site down on weekends was THE main reason that I finally threw in the towel. What could be a worse time for an agents site to be down?

    Having made the move to Point2Agents along with five other sites that they host for me, I can rest assured that my site is active and is also getting regular software updates rather than waiting for a complete new roll-out as promised by AA but never delivered on to 3.0 users. Actually, it feels real good driving a new model rather than my old AA clunker! I see that one of AA’s recent newsletters was devoted mostly to testimonials from agents touting their customer service. Upon viewing their sites, most were still using the default verbiage and had very little new material which would indicate that these agents may not have a clue about what to expect from a hosting company. Their sites may be just something that THEY like looking at and get very little traffic from.

  7. Hey guys,

    Funny stuff here. Or not so much for the poor customers of a once proud company that was doing fine before Four Point Oh No was released and even before that there were problems.

    I also used to work there and feel bad for some of the people that I sold these sites to. They had so much promise, but Realtors want to sell Real Estate not be webmasters; certainly not sit on hold for 5 minutes to find out what DNS is how to configure a POP 3 whatever the hell, as I recall some agents telling me.

    Nonetheless, that company is no longer the company that I worked for . I tried to help as many of my agents as I could, but the entire outside salesforce left, EVERY ONE! Unbelievable. We were bringing in over 30k – 60k a month and there were 10 of us covering the country. After John and Jerra (Who really are wonderful people) left, it all went to hell.

    Well, I did what I could after and then decided that I would continue my crusade and started doing custom sites, fixing their sites and also maintaining them for my agents.

    I just fired off an email to the old crew about your site as we were all in utter disbelief at the rapid demise of the once mighty AA.

    I think they are cooked, personally.

  8. For the record, I do not wish their end, I just wish they would listen to their employees/customers. There are some great people there that want to make a difference, and I wish them all well.

  9. Couldn’t resist checking out this blog and reaffirming why I left AA as a “Regional Sales Manager”. In retrospect, I would have done exactly what The Morris’ did. Hire a outside sales staff, put the pedal to the metal and drive sales revenue up through whatever means while keeping expenses at a minimum. The goal; make AA look pretty attractive for a buyout. At the end of the day as entrepeneurs they got what they wanted!
    If I were a Realtor, plenty of options out there, How many chances do your clients give you? I’ll bet one, maybe two for you to get it right. If you aren’t listening and they stay with you, it has to be your Mother because anyone else will go to the competitor.
    And if you’re an AA employee and not happy, keep your mouth shut, do your job for what you are being paid for and then go home and start pumping resumes’ out. It’s not rocket science, and it’s pretty obvious the commitment of the company is not to its employee’s. The grass however is greener on this side!

  10. It’s happening again! Advanced Access websites, Virtual Office and Forums down again ALL WEEKEND. And when you call, their mailbox is FULL! You can’t even leave a disgruntled message.

  11. I have been a AA customer, for about a year and the service has been horrible, I had virtually no hits, compared to the previous company, Z57, but the final straw with AA, was IDX link-up.When I requested it, it took them over a month to reply, finally in April,’09, I received the forms, that had to be completed by my Broker. I fax them back, a couple of weeks later, but never heard back from AA, .Numerous phone calls went unresolved “only they will check into it”.Finally, they said they never received it, so I sent it to them again. Weeks went by again, then they said they never heard back from my local board of Realtors, which was true, because they never contacted them.. Then over the next several weeks, every time i called, their answer was “we just received it and the link should be up in 15 minutes”.That was 4 times over the past month. I demanded a credit for all the lost time, and was told, it is being reviewed and you should get it. As you can guess, still waiting .
    I am filing a complaint LABBB and with the California Attorney General office. I suggest that anybody who has a complaint with AA ,do the same. This company should be out of business.

  12. Being affiliated with a large franchise makes me just want to barf every time I receive one of their Corporate emails announcing that Advanced Access is one of their Preferred vendor. Any agent who may also be a member of Realtown or RealTalk has seen many similar posts such as the ones that appear on this site condemning Advanced Access which fails big time when it comes to customer support. Anna is still there putting out fires but that is what she gets paid to do. The problem lies in the development and implementation areas.

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