Did Advanced Access FINALLY Bite the Dust?

After the sale to Dominion Enterprises, Advanced Access continued to spiral downward with a product that lacked new innovation. Once they did come up with some improvements they failed to offer it to their current clients. It has now been reported that Advanced Access is no longer offering websites. Over the years, Advanced Access has been more interested in signing up new accounts rather than addressing issues with their product, and most importantly their ability to stay online due to power outages. Many complained about credit cards being charged for renewals even after they had cancelled their accounts. Others wondered for years WHEN they would be able to upgrade to the NET platform, which turned out to be a bust anyway.

Their site is still up but according to an insider,

effective Aug. 18th the sales departments were closed, the sales team laid off and the AA platform was officially laid to rest.

It’s interesting to note that on their ‘Featured Clients’ page, the most recent addition was back in October 2010 and the one prior to that was way back in November 2008. What does that tell you? A lack of personnel as they kept slip-sliding along? I can recall when they had a new Featured Client every month (and I was one of them).